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Nail Drills For Unique Nails One of the most trending fashion now is nail art. In doing the nail art, it needs a lot of exertion to achieve the desired design. The basic and most important to do first is the filing process. Nails need to be cleaned first and properly filed by an expert pedicurist or manicurist so that your nails will not be damaged. But if you are good enough in doing the job, then you could do it by the use of electric nail drill. You can do filing with your own hands too but it does not get any profession look results. Basically, the nail drill machine is a dynamic nail filer that is made use for filing, buffing, cleaning, back filing as well as shortening of nails. Nail technician will save time when using such machine instead of doing it by hands as it also gives better result. It is important to use the nail drill bit as it helps in cleaning areas like sidewalls and reaching the cuticles in a safe and comforted way. Nail drill machine is functional in filing acrylic as well as gel nails in comparison to the use of hand filer as it does give difficulty in shaping artificial nails. Starting with sand bands is the first and foremost thing to do when beginning to practice the drill. It will give you good start in practicing the cleaning of nail surface by having it glide over a mandrel. The disadvantage for such use of sand bands is that aside from it is for single use only, it cannot be disinfected too.
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The soft drill bits are obtainable in bullet, cone and barrel varieties which it is good to use especially in natural nail plate. For nails that are acrylic, the drill bits have materials that are wide and extent. Considering the best in the industry is the carbide bits because of the high quality and the nail technician does not need to put a lot of effort since less pressure is only needed during application. This decreases the friction and protects nail from injury and burns because it is heat generated. In refining C curves, large barrel carbide bits is a good applicator for it and also for shortening. Equivalently, the tapered cone is helpful for the sidewalls and cuticles under the nails. For long curved nails, it is better to use the football golden carbide to get below the curves. Carbide inverted taper is good for a smile like whereas the diamond bit is helpful for French filling.
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Doing a research in investing a machines like nail drill is a must. Keep in mind always that the machine must depend on what kind of user are you either professional or beginner so that you will not spend too much on something that you are not capable of handling yet. If you want to buy such, it is best to buy in a store but if you do not have time, buying online for the best electric nail drill is okay also.