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Where to Find the Best Therapeutic Boarding School for Troubled Teens? How did therapeutic boarding schools came about? For a long time, the existence of traditional boarding schools no longer comes as a surprise for most people. Boarding schools enable students to be able to live in a particular area with other students that is away from their home and to get the education they solely need. Starting from the 1960s, the popularity of combining a therapeutic atmosphere and a traditional boarding school’s academic atmosphere is increasing for struggling and troubled teens. Because of the alarming number of struggling and troubled teens these days and the loss of social stigma for any type of psychotherapy, therapeutic boarding schools have gained that much attention in addressing the everyday struggles of teens. In comparison with all-boys military school established in the past, therapeutic boarding schools are a much better alternative. Who greatly needs to be part of therapeutic boarding schools?
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There are actually a lot of programs and services being offered in therapeutic boarding schools for any struggling or troubled teen. Therapeutic boarding schools are oftentimes offered to teens struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and those with family relationship problems. Emotional and behavioral issues such as adoption issues, depression, learning disabilities, personality disorders, and eating disorders are also being treated by some of these schools. These schools maybe those special schools with home-stay programs, or those well-kept schools with individual dormitory rooms per student, or those home-like schools with an outdoor ranch style.
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What type of services does this type of boarding school offer their students? There are some therapeutic schools that actually have the same type of curriculum and facilities with the usual college preparatory schools in addition to the therapeutic treatments such as advance placement courses, fine arts programs, and competitive sports. There are some therapeutic boarding schools, on the other hand, that concentrate more on the therapeutic treatment of the teen in a more structured manner on top of their academic credit. What is the cost of therapeutic boarding schools? Therapeutic boarding schools are actually quite pricey and their price range per year actually come in 5-digit numbers, at least. However, when you are on a tight budget, you can still enroll your teen with the help of education loans. These boarding schools are able to provide their students access to AA/NA meetings, individual therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, and family therapy sessions that may be done via phone or in person. A lot of schools also offer a number of experiential and recreational activities like work opportunities, volunteer opportunities, hiking, triathlon training, horseback riding, martial arts, yoga, and so on. Most definitely, looking for the right therapeutic boarding school is quite a difficult task. When there are numerous schools that give the best approach for struggling and troubled teens, there are also some that are more after the money that they will be getting out of the teen. Before making a sound decision, it is important for any parent to meet with an educational consultant so that an appropriate advice if given on which therapeutic boarding school works best for the teen’s situation.